If you are searching for a wedding ring in store or online, you will come across a few obstacles. Some will be easily solved; others will just need a change of perspective.

tom with jewellery

To help you find that perfect wedding ring, Tom Reid here at Lover’s Rock has shared his top seven tips:

  1. Don’t get upset if your fiancée can’t afford her dream ring – there are very clever ways to maximise your budget by looking for something similar but with subtle differences. Look at smaller ring depths and widths, smaller and lower clarity diamonds or different types of gold – there are so many options. Work together with your jeweller to find a way.
  2. Weekend ring shopping is always busier – book an appointment during the week to guarantee plenty of personal attention. A good jeweller will also offer evening appointments.
  3. Try on as many styles as possible – there’s lots of choice out there and rings you assume won’t look right, might just surprise you.
  4. Tidy up your hands – put some hand cream on or have a manicure. It will flatter your hands when you are trying on lots of rings and making that all important decision.
  5. Many of us often try and lose a little weight before the big day. Keep this in mind and ensure you don’t go for a ring that cannot be easily resized.
  6. If you are buying your engagement ring as well as your wedding rings, try and negotiate a discount as you are purchasing three rings.
  7. Be sure to add all your engagement or wedding rings to your home contents insurance or take out specific ring insurance should you prefer.

If you would like to understand more about our work at Lover’s Rock and how you can maximise your investment in this most important of investments, speak with us today.


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