Halo Grain Set Diamond Engagement Ring

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You have selected the Halo Grain Set Diamond Engagement Ring in . This opulent ring features intricately set round brilliant diamonds, with a total Carat weight of Carat. The diamond centre stone is, Cut, Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. A mesmerising grain set ring featuring diamond set shoulders and a sparkling halo of diamonds that surround the round cut centre stone creating a true statement of breath taking opulence.


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Metal: Ring White Gold 18 CT
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We at Lovers Rock strive for perfection, and to achieveperfection each of our rings is uniquely crafted to specifically fit the diamond stone of your choice.

Our aim is to deliver within 3-4 weeks, however due to the bespoke nature of these products shipping times may vary. If you require your ring urgently please call us and we will do our best to help.

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Carat Weight Carat is specifically a measure of a diamond's weight and should not be mistaken for size. The size of a diamond is determined by other factors such as shape and cut. Larger carat weights are more valuable than lower carat weights.More info
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Cut The cut is the most important factor in determining a diamonds brilliance. Simply put, the better the cut the greater the sparkle.More info
Colour A diamond's colour grade actually refers to the lack of colour. The closer a diamond is to being white, having no colour, the more valuable it is compared to those with visible colour.More info
Clarity Almost all diamonds have small imperfections (commonly known as inclusions) which are not always noticeable to the naked eye. Diamonds with few or no imperfections receive the highest clarity grades and are of the most valueMore info
Certificate You can rest easy as every Lovers Rock diamond is accompanied by a grading report from internationally recognised independent diamond grading labs GIA, HRD or IGI. And we don’t stop there; each jewel (ring with side stones) of Lover's Rock is also accompanied by a jewellery certificate from HRD.More info
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Ring: Halo Grain Set Diamond Engagement Ring

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Material:Ring White Gold 18 CT

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